Why Third-Party Support? You'll be surprised!

Why Third-Party Support? You'll be surprised!

 Elarasys is a proud partner with Service Express, an industry leader third-party maintenance provider. Through the partnership of Elarasys and Service Express, we are able to provide lifecycle management expertise for data center hardware with significant savings. Devices including servers, storage, and networking equipment are able to be managed under one source, instead of multiple original equipment manufacturer (OEMs), and make it cost effective to extend support.

Elarasys offers a combination of IT hardware sales and maintenance services. We sell a variety of IT equipment including servers, storage, laptops, and networking devices, while also providing maintenance and support for the hardware we sell. This is beneficial for businesses that want a one-stop solution for both acquiring hardware, and ensuring its ongoing functionality.

As an example, Elarasys has implemented third party maintenance successfully with a big box retailer and a large Telecomm firm.

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Companies often turn to Elarasys and Service Express for several reasons:
  • Cost Savings – save more in your CapEx and OpEx budgets to help fund initiatives and projects with Elarasys
  • Flexibility – Service Express can offer more flexible support options tailored to a company's specific needs, whereas OEM contracts might be more rigid.
  • Better Lifecyle Data Equipment Management – Service Express can help extend the useful life of IT hardware beyond the OEM's support period, which can be crucial for companies with budget constraints.
  • Specialization - Service Express has expertise in maintaining a wide range of equipment, potentially providing higher-quality support compared to OEMs who might have a broader focus.
  • Customized Solutions – Service Express can often create customized maintenance plan that align with a company's unique IT environment and requirements.

Remember, choosing between OEM support and third-party maintenance depends on factors including the equipment you have, your budget, and the level of service you require. We can help with thorough research and assess your organization's needs before deciding.


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