This association launched an initiative to consolidate their server and storage infrastructure. The decision was made to implement blade center technology in conjunction with a storage area network solution. Bids were solicited from an authorized HP partner and Elarasys Worldwide LLC. The HP partner proposed a solution consisting of the HP BLc3000 $187,823.00 and HP EVA4400 $99,402.00 for a total of $287,225.00. Elarasys Worldwide proposed a blended solution consisting of new and refurbished components which included the same HP BLc3000 configuration $84,098.00 and an IBM DS4700 Express Model 72 with the same capacity and functionality $29,975.00 for a total of $114,073.00.

In summary, by purchasing a blended solution, the association received the same functionality, capacity and authorized manufacture maintenance at a combined savings of $173,152.00.

Suburban Chicago Association

This telecommunications company implemented a corporate wide mandate to reduce expenses wherever possible. Elarasys Worldwide was contacted by the I.T. & Engineering departments and presented with the challenge of reducing reoccurring & non-reoccurring technology expenses without sacrificing reliability or service. Elarasys’ technology expense management team in conjunction with its strategic business partners conducted a confidential, no-cost comprehensive analysis and review of their network elements, associated support contracts and equipment refresh / disposal policy.

Upon completion of the network review and analysis it was determined that substantial savings could be realized through the use of pre-owned systems and components combined with a hybrid support agreement. By purchasing pre-owned systems and components our client was able to realize a savings of 55% on their equipment costs while reducing their equipment lead time from weeks to days. By removing End of Life (EOL) equipment, self sparing and purchasing software only support on non-mission critical systems our client was able to reduce their maintenance costs by 50% and significantly improve their service level agreements (SLA’s).

National Telecommunications Company

"Elarasys was there when we needed them most. When a recent power outage hit some of our servers, Elarasys sprang into action building new servers for us. Within hours we were back up thanks to Tom and his team."

"The customer service was exceptional; above and beyond all expectations."

Tom Karabestsos, Principal at QCSS

Barnesville, OH Hospital needed an HP server. Working with Elarasys showed the hospital the benefits of pre-owned hardware, with a full warranty. Following the initial purchase and installation, the hospital could see the benefits in working with Elarasys, both financially and time wise as a prompt delivery got them operational quickly.

"Thousands of dollars were saved with the initial purchase. Subsequent purchases of Uninterruptible Power Supplies and another server saved the hospital even more! Elarasys provided Barnesville Hospital approximately $7465 in savings."

Tamara Canner, IS Director, Barnesville Hospital

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