Recycling Responsibly

Recycling Responsibly

Once we determine the items that no longer have demand and cannot be resold, Elarasys Worldwide works with a R2 certified partner to properly recycle this equipment.

The R2 standard ensures that electronics refurbishing and recycling practices protect the environment as well as human health and safety.

Benefits of the R2 Standard for responsible recycling:

  • The R2 Standard requires that certified recyclers have robust standards in place for secure data management and destruction of all types of data storage devices. Processes must be in place to sanitize, purge or destroy data on hard drives.
  • R2 recognizes the importance of reuse – both to the environment and to the economy. R2 follows a ‘reuse, then recover’ hierarchy. Diagnostic testing, provided by Elarasys for all pieces being resold is an important part of the process.
  • Third, any voluntary industry standard must have a global focus. The electronics industry is global and consumer need for electronics – and the responsible recycling of them – is not limited to developed countries.
  • Open and transparent administration. R2 was developed through a fully open public process, and continues to be enhanced. Full documentation of the recycling is a cornerstone of this important process.

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