Refurbished Servers Built to Last.

As computer technology continues to evolve and the economy remains as challenging as ever, IT professionals must face the difficulties of providing powerful, advanced IT solutions with limited budgets. Elarasys provides pre-owned servers at a fraction of the price for brand new, allowing data centers and businesses of all sizes to enjoy quality, upgraded equipment while significantly cutting costs. At Elarasys, our technicians are experts in inspecting, testing and rebuilding used servers, including business servers and rackmount servers, so that you can buy pre-owned and rest assured. From powerful used servers engineered for large-scale databases and applications, to entry-level workstations at an affordable cost, trust Elarasys to offer the servers and equipment that best fit your company’s needs and budget.

Quality You Can Count On.

When you are looking to buy a server – especially a used server – quality, service and affordability are likely at the forefront of your mind. You can count on Elarasys for the solutions to all three. Elarasys technicians are committed to helping IT departments get the most out of their refurbished servers, so we make sure that each server is carefully inspected and tested for any failures or issues. We will replace problematic IT parts with working parts for used business servers that run smoothly and efficiently. When you partner with Elarasys for your used server needs, you receive unparalleled service and products.

Upgrade Your Servers.

To remain up-to-date with today’s continually advancing systems, IT departments must keep their servers and infrastructure as powerful and cost-effective as possible. When you upgrade your servers with used servers that have been rebuilt for more power, you can cut costs associated with maintaining multiple servers. Then we’ll buy back your old servers so that in the end, you’re making money, as well.

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