Disaster Recovery / Backup

IT Disaster Recovery That You Can Afford.

When your business runs on a single IT infrastructure, your entire system is vulnerable to lost production and heavy costs should a failure occur. During the time it takes to inspect, repair or replace the system, your company could be down thousands of dollars due to inactivity and lost work. The solution is to have a duplicate IT infrastructure, yet most companies can only afford one. Partnering with Elarasys allows for IT disaster recovery preparation at affordable costs, as Elarasys uses quality pre-owned equipment and parts to rebuild systems into more powerful infrastructures.

Prepare for the Worst. Achieve the Best.

Purchasing a brand new duplicate of your entire IT system may prevent lost production hours, but with the cost of a redundant system, you certainly won’t rest easy. With Elarasys, you can still prepare for the worst possible scenario while using affordable pre-owned IT parts and equipment, so that in the event that something goes wrong, you can continue working your hardest on a reliable system. Our staff of expert technicians is highly experienced in inspecting, testing and rebuilding used IT systems, keeping costs low while providing the same quality that you need to perform and achieve the best.

Play It Safe: Stock Up!

Stocking replacement hardware and IT parts is a smart way to minimize lost production time in the case of a system failure. Save money with Elarasys’ quality pre-owned parts and equipment, which come at a fraction of the cost for brand new IT hardware.


Elarasys Worldwide is a Silver Partner with Datto.

Datto delivers a comprehensive suite of MSP-centric products and services including: 

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • Remote Monitoring and Management

  • Managed Networking Services

  • Professional Services Automation

  • M365 and Google Workplace

  • File Backup and Sync

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