Asset Disposition

Maximizing the value of your End of Use IT Assets

Elarasys Worldwide is a specialist at working with corporate IT departments to maximize the value of equipment that is no longer being used. Our expertise in pre-owned equipment is what sets us apart.

We approach this partnership from a couple of directions, depending on which is best for the customer.

  • Provide a 50 / 50 revenue share with you, after first fully documenting and auditing the equipment.
  • Outright purchase the equipment from you, which likely will provide less revenue than the 50 / 50 split mentioned above.
  • Equipment with no demand is completely and properly recycled. The metal value is determined and shared with the customer.

Optional Services:

  • Data Wiping or Disk Drive destruction. If your hard drives have resale value, it is critical that all data is completely wiped. We utilize the leading software available and provide a Certificate of Wiping, consistent with Department of Defense standards. Whether you have a single drive or need an array of hundreds of drives wiped, we will handle it.
  • If destroying your drives for guaranteed security is preferred, we handle this as well, along with complete documentation.

Elarasys Worldwide has performed all the above mentioned services and can provide testimonials from data centers ranging from hospitals to trading firms, manufacturers and universities.

Trust is essential in the purchase and disposition of IT equipment. We have worked with IT organizations for over 13 years, providing quality, tested servers, storage, memory, routers, switches and more. Now, these same organizations and others turn to us for professional processing and maximum valuaton of end of use equipment.

Please contact us to discuss your situation and determine the best approach to maximizing the value of your end of use equipment.

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