School Budgets Are TIGHT!

School Budgets are TIGHT!

See how two local schools upgraded some student PCs and saved $$$ MONEY!

Elarasys Worldwide, an Elgin reseller of new and pre-owned computers for corporate data centers, as well as businesses of all sizes, recently helped two local schools (one private, one public high school district) stay within their budgets while upgrading some of their student PCs.

Elarasys currently has available pre-owned, fully tested, Lenovo All-in-One PCs - combining a 20” monitor with an i3 computer – including 4GB memory and a 500 GB hard drive. All for $150 per PC!

(Windows operating system is extra – and if you do not have an enterprise license, we can help with this as well.)

These Lenovo All-in-One PCs are available through the Elarasys service where Data Centers refresh their equipment, and create value through our Asset Disposition program.

All PCs have the hard drives completely wiped, and have been fully tested.

While there are faster processors and PCs available from Elarasys, you may decide just as our two newest school customers have found – these All-in-One PCs save space, provide an upgrade to prior PCs, and are very affordable! 


Would you like to try one for a week?

Please contact Tom Hansen, President at 847-462-6842, or email Tom at

You may not need PCs, but may need faster networking switches and wireless access points. We can help you with these as well. Supplies are limited, so please don’t wait.

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