Rethink your company’s IT Maintenance!

Are your maintenance services costing you too much? You have a wide range of options to save 40% or more.

Let Elarasys help you to develop your own optimized maintenance strategy that meets your service levels at the right price points.

Which service options are most cost-effective for you?

  • OEM Maintenance – at a savings
  • 3rd Party Maintenance – at an even bigger savings
  • On-Site Sparing – swap out a needed box immediately with minimum down time
  • Next Day Depot Service
  • Parts Plus a Bank of Tech Hours and Help Desk
  • Parts Only – Save big! ID your bad equipment, get a replacement, swap it out, return the bad part

In addition to the cost savings, getting your maintenance through Elarasys will provide you with:

  • Equal or better service than your original OEM maintenance
  • One phone number to call for all your maintenance – including OEM
  • One contact to service all your manufactures / vendors, for global services, current and legacy systems
  • One portal that manages all your maintenance records
  • Tier 2 support immediately
  • Customized service levels
  • OEM trained engineers
  • Call escalation protocols
  • Proactive 24/7/365 Monitoring available
  • netPrefect Monitoring technology predicts service event in real time
  • Predictive Service Failure Detection
  • Component level part # identification - service ticket automatically uploaded with all required information (model #, serial #, location)
  • No service calls need to be placed
  • Customized monitoring reports and alerts

Real savings examples:

  • A manufacturing company needed maintenance for an IBM high performance workstation. OEM price $160K. Elarasys price, $80K. A 50% savings!
  • A global hospitality company reduced its storage hardware and server maintenance costs by 42% with Elarasys.

Under contract now? No problem. We can get you pricing and help you switch over without waiting.

Need a complete, current IT equipment audit? No problem. We will run a complete audit of your IT equipment and provide you with a complete maintenance quote.

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Maintenance services are just one of the services Elarasys can help you with. Elarasys is an IT solutions company, not just another IT vendor.

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