Pre-Owned IBM Servers Reduce Costs without Compromising Quality

Buying pre-owned doesn’t have to be risky. When you partner with Elarasys, we’ll make sure your pre-owned equipment, including refurbished IBM servers, is fully tested, inspected and built to last.

· Pre-owned IBM servers at a fraction of the price. You can save money without sacrificing quality. Our team of experts has the skills and experience to provide pre-owned and refurbished IT components that you can count on. We offer these reliable products at 25 to 75 percent off market pricing, so that you have the equipment you need to meet customer expectations without breaking your budget.

· Reduce your investment by trading in used equipment. If you’re looking to upgrade, Elarasys will buy back your old equipment at a fair market value. By trading in your pre-owned IBM servers for a more powerful system, you’re not only reducing your investment even further, but you can improve the efficiency and performance of your current IT infrastructure with updated pre-owned equipment.

· Take advantage of Elarasys’ cost-effective solutions. In addition to a fully stocked warehouse that carries virtually any item, including hard-to-find IT parts, we provide IT solutions that significantly cut costs and help businesses grow. From asset recovery to rental and leasing plans, infrastructure consolidation to infrastructure redundancy, we’ll make sure your IT environment is designed to run smoothly, efficiently and safely.

Our wide inventory includes pre-owned IBM System I, System X, BladeCenter and System P (Power) servers. For more information on Elarasys’ refurbished IT equipment, such as servers, storage and networking, visit

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