Learn the right way to buy – IT Asset Disposition Services

Learn the right way to buy – IT Asset Disposition Services

Today, when organizations need to dispose of IT assets, they frequently turn to a recycling vendor. While this approach successfully disposes of IT assets, often with proper certificates, it usually costs your company money.

The better way to dispose of IT assets is to utilize a firm that can resell IT equipment, usually at the component level, and generate income for your company in the process, while also handling the data wiping/destruction, and remaining recycling at the highest standards. This approach maximizes the value of your IT assets, while providing your firm with all necessary audit information.

Elarasys Worldwide has been handling asset disposition activities for over 18 years. Our resell first - then recycle the remaining process provides our clients with maximum financial upside, while providing all data handling and recycling certificates.

Want examples?

  • Over the last 5 years, Elarasys has handled the asset disposition services for a large high-frequency trading firm. Assets include servers, storage, PCs, and printers; resulting in several hundred thousand dollars earnings for this firm.
  • Elarasys has been working with a healthcare provider decommissioning laptops and pcs. They sent their equipment to Elarasys for HIPPA compliant processing, including data wiping. The resale of this equipment has returned tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Could you use some extra money in your IT budget? Want to learn more?



IT Asset Disposition is just one of the services Elarasys can help you with.

Elarasys is an IT solutions company. Not just another IT vendor.

We offer a toolbox full of IT products and services.

Need new equipment? No problem. We can get it for you. Let us help you determine what you need, and get you a great price.

Need something used? If you are like most companies, about 70% of your IT equipment is over one year old. You have made the investment, now you want to keep it running at peak performance levels. Need a replacement? Need an upgrade? We can get you the refurbished equipment you need at a great price, and get you value back for any trade-ins.

Need maintenance? We offer OEM at a savings, and third party maintenance at an even bigger savings. Need on-site sparing? No problem. Next day depot service? No problem. Under contract now? No problem. We can get you pricing and help you switch over without waiting.

Need Data center solutions and colocation services? Elarasys represents Digital Realty, the world's largest wholesale Colocation services and datacenter solutions provider, with over 130 secure locations globally. Digital Realty offers state of the art facilities and services to satisfy the highest standards.

Professional services: Need rental or leasing help? Need help with IT Virtualization? Disaster Recovery / Backup? Business Continuity? Data Migration? These are just some of the other services we offer.

Let Elarasys become your IT partner.

Contact us for a different approach to problem solving your IT projects, and to learn more about the better way to buy IT asset disposition services, and get paid for your IT assets.

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