Got Unused IT equipment?


Got Unused IT equipment?

What are you doing with your UNUSED IT equipment?

Are you paying to get rid of it safely?

Want to Get Paid for your unused equipment instead of Paying for disposal?

Worried about Data Wiping and Shredding?

You have options.

Call a Recycler?

  • That will get rid of your equipment, but doesn’t get you the maximum value out of your equipment.
  • Recyclers don’t have the ability to value your equipment, break it down to component level for resale if that has more value, and resell it.
  • Recyclers often end up COSTING YOU money to dispose of your equipment, as the materials value is low.

Have a reseller telling you they will share 80% of the income? Sounds good, but make sure to ask:

  • Do they charge for auditing?
  • Do they maximize value by breaking down to components where applicable?
  • Do they have a great history of reselling equipment?
  • Are there other fee schedules that are not disclosed?

All these factors can greatly reduce your recycling value of your assets.

At Elarasys, we do asset disposition differently.

  • Call for a PICKUP – we arrange everything. Just tell us what needs to be picked up.
  • We do a comprehensive AUDIT at no charge – no need for you to do an inventory
  • We do DATA WIPING as required to DOD standards and provide necessary certificates
  • We do DATA SHREDDING as required and provide certificates
  • We RESELL the equipment, and break it down to components when that is more valuable, to maximize the resale return for you thru our global broker resources.
  • We RECYCLE the remaining equipment to the materials level to R2 or BAN standards
  • We don’t add hidden fees to processing your equipment.
  • All your company’s equipment audit information and certificates are available to you thru our SECURE CUSTOMER WEBSITE PORTAL
  • We split the REVENUE with you 50/50. No hidden surprises and maximized resale value.
  • Our CLOSE OUT package includes a serialized audit for all resold assets, data eradication certificates, recycling certificates, and revenue detail. A charitable donation is also an option.

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