Get a complete online IT Maintenance program that works for you!

Get a complete online IT Maintenance program that works for you!
Most companies would value the ability to have one tool to track all their data center/network IT assets, for all manufacturers, through each phase of its life cycle including warranty, on-going maintenance, thru end-of-life.
In response to this need, we created a complete life cycle maintenance tool with visibility thru one portal, that provides management to support all your IT assets, while cost-optimizing each phase of your assets lifecycles.
Highlights of the program include:
Customer portal supports assets that are:
  • under OEM warranty
  • post warranty and under OEM maintenance
  • post warranty and under 3rd party maintenance
  • post warranty with maintenance provided by on-site sparring

Customer portal:

  • supports all your IT products, regardless of OEM
  • tracks service levels by product (e.g. 7x24 or 8x5)
  • sorts tickets by agreement, product, location, and date
  • has robust security that controls your company’s portal access by individual, location, department, etc.

Maintenance Solution includes:

  • quarterly customer reviews to make changes based on warranty expiration, asset decommissioning, SLA required changes, and the ability to integrate assets that continue on OEM maintenance
  • products can be added or removed with 30-day notice
  • define your service levels by product, location, stage in life cycle
  • maintenance available nationwide, along with extensive international coverage
  • technician light option, designed to reduce technician dispatches when your company is able to do parts swaps

This program was designed to give your company’s IT organization the right tools and information to expertly manage ALL your IT assets through each phase of its life cycle. Benefits include better and more consistent service levels, at significantly lower costs.
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