Sun SunPCi II - motherboard with memory

Model: 375-0131

Get the most productivity from your Sun Ultra workstation with the SunPCi coprocessor card. With support for Windows NT, Windows 95 and DOS, now you can run popular PC productivity applications at native speeds along side best-of-class technical applications on a single workstation. That's because the SunPCi card features a high-speed AMD K6-2 processor and up to 256 MB of dedicated memory, and runs inside any PCI-based Sun Ultra work station. Share files, data, peripherals, and networking between PC and Solaris environments, and access the largest library of technical and PC software in the world. Best of all, the SunPCi card leverages Sun's biggest strength: reliable, robust network computing. With the SunPCi coprocessor, you get the best of both worlds: The power and performance of Ultra workstations and the Solaris Operating Environment software for technical applications, together with familiar PC productivity applications running at native PC speeds.

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