Sun motherboard

Model: 501-4450

Sun SPARCengine ULTRA AXdp - Motherboard - UW SCSI - Ethernet

SPARCengine UltraAXdp is a 2-way multiprocessor platform with PCI bus I/O. The system architecture closely follows that of the Ultra 450 (Tazmo) and uses identical system ASICs. Emphasis is placed on balanced system architecture to get overall application performance and high throughput I/O based on PCI bus. As such AXdp is ideal for a wide range of image and visualization applications, design and analysis, as well as embedded MP applications with telco nature.

Compatible ProcessorsUltraSPARC II
NetworkingNetwork adapter - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet
Processor0 ( 2 ) x Sun
Product DescriptionSun SPARCengine ULTRA AXdp - motherboard
Product TypeMotherboard
RAM0 MB (installed) / 2 GB (max) - DIMM 200-pin
Storage ControllerUltra Wide SCSI
Supported RAM TechnologySDRAM

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