Sun Enterprise 6500 - no CPU

Model: E6501-MR63

Sun Enterprise 6500 - Server - tower - 30-way - RAM 0 MB - no HDD - CD - Solaris 2.5.1 - Monitor : none

The Sun Enterprise 6500 system is designed to run mission-critical, enterprise-wide applications, such as data warehouse and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Hot-swappable modular components make it easy to increase performance and I/O capacity in this highly expandable server. Sun's high availability features such as dynamic reconfiguration and alternate Pathing, enable you to add, remove, upgrade, and service system components while the server remains online, thus reducing system downtime. The Solaris Operating Environment helps ensure that the Sun Enterprise 6500 server can effectively scale all the way to its maximum capacity. And Sun's advanced system management software provides effective, easy-to-use tools to manage the powerful resources of the server.

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