Sun Enterprise 4500 - UltraSPARC II 400 MHz

Model: E4503-P88

Sun Enterprise 4500 - Server - tower - 14-way - 8 x UltraSPARC II 400 MHz - RAM 8 GB - no HDD - DVD - Solaris - Monitor : none

The Enterprise 4500 is a business server with tremendous computing power plus the ability to scale system performance and capacity as requirements increase, supporting 14 processors. The Enterprise 4500 is desk side or rack mount server designed for developing departmental databases, business applications or file systems requiring both high performance and high availability. The Enterprise 4500 delivers almost twice the CPU, memory expandability, I/O and computer performance of the Enterprise 3500 - it nearly doubles the expandability of the Sun Enterprise 3500 server. What's more, it delivers mission-critical availability and advanced system management tools perfect for databases, business applications, and electronic commerce. The common, modular design of the Sun server family simplifies upgrades and delivers exceptional investment protection. Sun servers support the Sun Solaris operating environment so you can choose from more than 12,000 off-the shelf applications. All this makes the Sun Enterprise 4500 server a safe, versatile investment for growing businesses.

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