Sun Crypto Accelerator 500 - cryptographic accelerator

Model: X7405A-4

Sun Crypto Accelerator 500 - Cryptographic accelerator

E-commerce applications require secure network access and almost all of these applications use SSL, a secure application layer protocol. When using SSL, a high computational demand is placed on the Web server, primarily because of the processing power required for the RSA private key operation used in cryptographic session creation. In addition, there is a computational load on the server for encrypting and decrypting sensitive communications between the server and connected clients. The Sun Crypto Accelerator 500 board supports the Sun Fire V210 and V240 platforms. The Sun Crypto Accelerator 500 board is a dedicated hardware co-processor solution that off-loads the SSL functions from a server's CPU, thereby freeing the CPU to perform other tasks and increasing the processing speed for secure transactions. The Sun Crypto Accelerator 500 board is optimized to efficiently perform specific SSL mathematical functions, leaving the system processor to focus on application processing at lower transaction costs.

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