StoreVault Hot Spare - hard drive - 250 GB - SATA-300

Model: INT-S500-250-A-GS

StoreVault Hot Spare - Hard drive - 250 GB - internal - 3.5" - SATA-300 - 7200 rpm

The StoreVault S500 is an all-in-one storage appliance that is capable of NAS, SAN and DAS right out of the box. Its management interface is simple and intuitive, with a familiar Windows look-and-feel. Having a hot spare reduces the time to full data protection by automatically starting the rebuild process as soon as a failed drive, or a drive that is about to fail, is detected. Typically, in the event of a disk drive failure, the failed disk is replaced with a new drive and the RAID group is rebuilt. As the name suggests, a hot spare is a spare drive that is in the StoreVault product, and ready to be used, but not currently used for data. Data ONTAP StoreVault Edition will detect the presence of a drive that is failed or showing signs of imminent failure. The hot spare is immediately brought online and built in the background to replace the failed drive. The administrator is notified of the event and can physically replace the failed drive at a convenient time. This immediate fail-over significantly reduces the likelihood of a second drive failure occurring while the array is being rebuilt. Protection from dual drive failure can be provided by the NetApp RAID-DP implementation.

Capacity250 GB
Form Factor3.5" x 1/3H
Interface TypeSerial ATA-300
Product DescriptionStoreVault Hot Spare - hard drive - 250 GB - SATA-300
Spindle Speed7200 rpm
TypeHard drive - internal

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