Remote ASYNC Node

Model: 8137

IBM Enhanced Remote Asynchronous Node - Serial adapter - RS-232 - 16 ports

The 128-port remote asynchronous node (RAN) is a complete subsystem. The RAN receives data packets from the adapter at data rates of up to 2.458 Mbps, and then distributes the data, as appropriate, to the 16 EIA 232 ports. Data received by the EIA 232 ports is similarly divided into packets and sent back to the adapter over the high-speed synchronous line. The EIA 232 ports operate at data rates of up to 230 Kbps. Adapter configuration software will autodetect and configure RANs of multiple types on a single line. Line speed will be limited to 1.2 Mbps when connected on the same line as the original 128-port asynchronous node EIA 232. For local applications, where the work groups are not located more than 300 m (1000 ft) from the system, RANs can be connected to a 128-port asynchronous adapter through 4- or 8-conductor twisted-pair cable (the 8-conductor cable is recommended). With the 8-conductor cable, data is transferred between RANs and the adapter at rates of up to 1.2 Mbps. With 4-wire cable, the maximum synchronous data rate is 460 Kbps.

Data Link ProtocolRS-232
Data Transfer Rate230 Kbps
Device TypeSerial adapter
Ports Qty16 ports
Product DescriptionIBM Enhanced Remote Asynchronous Node - serial adapter - 16 ports

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