NxIQ network monitoring device

Model: 1200255L1

NxIQ - Network monitoring device - Frame Relay - plug-in module

ADTRAN's industry-leading and award-winning DSU/CSU family continues to provide more flexibility with the NxIQ Module. The NxIQ Module installed in a TSU multiplexer provides the visibility and control you need for both the physical and logical connections made in Frame Relay networks. This intelligent solution for managed Frame Relay access allows you to enjoy the monetary savings of Frame Relay without giving up management visibility and control. Real-time measurements of Frame Relay metrics are stored in the NxIQ module. These metrics include statistics on throughput and utilization per port and PVC, availability, utilization by protocol, top talkers, lost frames and PVC state, excess bursting above CIR, network congestion (FECN, BECN, and DE), and end-to-end delay on any or all PVCs. This data is crucial for pinpointing specific traffic demands and problem sources in the network, for analyzing traffic patterns, and for general maintenance and troubleshooting of the Frame Relay circuit. The statistics are stored in the NxIQ Module in a standard ASN.1 format making the statistics available to any SNMP management platform or trend analysis package. ADTRAN offers IQ View, a powerful Windows-based network management system. IQ View combines the features of a complete SNMP management platform and network trend analysis tool in one easy-to-use, low-cost package. The NxIQ module supports multiple ways to access the collected performance data. This management flexibility accommodates both the service provider and the end user in any type of network configuration. Options include simple VT 100 connection, front panel, management access through inband dedicated or shared PVCs, SLIPP/PPP or Ethernet (when installed in an "e" series TSU multiplexer), and combination management. Combination management allows for simultaneous and independent management by the service provider and the end user. The IQ family provides automatic dial backup upon interruption of Frame Relay services. The NxIQ monitors both the physical link and the Frame Relay signal to determine if an interruption has occurred. Once detected, the unit automatically initiates a dial-up call around the Frame Relay network. A host IQ unit initiates and accepts calls to and from IQ units at remote sites. Once connected, the host unit merges backup traffic with the primary traffic still being received from unaffected remote sites. The router or Frame Relay device connected to the NxIQ module still receives all data as Frame Relay traffic over the primary connection, allowing a virtually transparent transition. Once the failed condition has been cleared and the Frame Relay interruption is over, the IQ unit automatically restores traffic to the primary link.

Data Link ProtocolFrame Relay
Device TypeNetwork monitoring device
Enclosure TypePlug-in module
Product DescriptionNxIQ network monitoring device
Remote Management ProtocolSNMP
Weight1.5 lbs

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