Netra E1 AC Chassis Assembly/FRU

Model: X1184A

Sun Netra E1 - System bus extender

For telecommunications, service providers, or any industry where PCI connectivity is key, Sun has the compact, cost-effective solution. The Netra E1 PCI system expander enables businesses to add the system PCI connectivity they need, where and when they need it. By coupling the Netra E1 PCI system expander with Netra servers and storage products, companies can achieve the right balance of CPU, memory, storage, and I/O connectivity. The system expander provides four full-length PCI slots in a rack-ready, low-profile 1U system expander, delivering exceptional PCI card density. Plus, this rugged carrier-grade system, certified to NEBS Level 3, allows continuous operation in less than ideal conditions. For voice-over IP, soft switch, clustering, even general- purpose applications, the Sun Netra E1 PCI system expander provides affordable, highly reliable I/O expansion.

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