Netra E1 AC Chassis Assembly/FRU

Model: 540-4640

Sun Netra - Modular expansion base - PCI

No matter what type of network connectivity you require, Sun has a solution. Sun's network connectivity cards give customers a simple and cost-effective migration to higher bandwidths. Sun adapters provide connectivity to a broad array of network topologies: high-speed Ethernet, ATM, FDDI and Token Ring LANs, as well as products for high-speed serial, ISDN and serial asynchronous WANs. They offer faster migration to higher bandwidths, and leverage existing infrastructure for investment protection. Because Sun's adapters are interoperable with existing equipment and systems, they ease migration and minimize operating expenses while maximizing return on investment. Regardless of what kind of network a provider has, Sun offers a network interface card that can accommodate it without requiring upgrades. Sun network interface cards also work with all Sun products; they are not constrained to any particular product line.

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