Three Myths on Used Cisco Equipments

It is a smart decision to buy refurbished Cisco equipment and do not be wavered by complaints and stories you hear about the used equipment. This white paper sets the record straight and bust the most common myths and half truths about refurbished Cisco equipment.

The first myth that people have about the secondary or the refurbished computer hardware is that it is “gray” market and as a result is unreliable. This is far from the truth.  The fact is that ethical resellers of used IT equipment always deal with the most reputable manufacturers including Cisco. These resellers follow strict codes to detect counterfeit goods and ensure that they deal only with the original hardware. They go beyond the packaging and always get the most authentic equipment to offer their customers.

A reputable and reliable used Cisco marketer can be trusted to conduct extensive tests on any and all equipment before adding it to their stock.

Another myth is that often used equipment means highly abused hardware. This is not true. Most used equipment resellers never sell used equipment in the 'as is' condition. They fully refurbish every equipment to ensure they are as close to original condition and performance as possible. When you will buy used equipment from trusted sellers, you can rest assured that you are getting the equipment in well maintained condition.

On to the next myth, which is that the equipment you are seeking for your network is only available new. This is false. Used Cisco equipment is more available than ever. Leading resellers make sure to hold inventories of the most popular computer hardware in the market today.

Many buyers believe that used Cisco equipment comes with no warranty..reputable resellers provide a 90 day replacement warrantyon every used Cisco equipment purchase. Your money is secured when you buy a refurbished Cisco product from the right source.

With this independent information, do not hesitate to save significantly when compared to new Cisco prices and  buy USED Ciscoequipment.  Great savings along with pre- and post-sale technical support from certified technicians, means a smart business decision.

Elarasys Worldwide is a leading reseller of quality, fully tested pre-owned Cisco equipment. All Cisco products sold by Elarasys comes with a 90 day warranty, not to mention Huge Savings.

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