Data Wiping Dilemma? Elarasys Will Help!

Sensitive data.  Decommissioned drives.  Now, you need to find someone to wipe them clean -- to DoD standards.  This dilemma is faced by IT executives in healthcare, finance, insurance, government and other industries where the sensitivity of data is critical. 

Elarasys was recently asked to wipe the drives from 3 EMC storage arrays -- DMX, CX4 and Centerra.  600 Plus drives in all -- and on site.  Why Elarasys?  Our experience for starters.  We have successfully wiped drives in over 100 customers in the past five years. 

Why Elarasys?

  • Data Wiping Software -- We use the best -- Blancco.  This software is certified as meeting and exceeding Department of Defense (DoD) standards.
  • Upon completion, a document that includes the serial number of each drive is created.  This audit trail addresses the governmental requirements that all data has been fully and completely removed from the drive.
  • Not all drives are created equally.  You may have PC's with individual drives or large arrays of drives.  Connecting to the drives, the controller or otherwise, requires the right cables, and knowledge of how to best handle the job.  If you've not done this before -- even a small job could take days.
  • Drives range in size from small to over 1TB.  Wiping 60 1TB drives?  Better know what you're doing -- and we do! 

We have successfully wiped drives in Chicago, the suburbs, throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana and elsewhere.  Located in Elgin and experienced with all generations of computer hardware, our customers trust us and know we will finish on time and complete all expectations. 

The drives are wiped.  Now what?

Reselling is the best recycling!  Elarasys Worldwide knows the secondary market and for 15 years has successfully remarketed everything from servers, memory, storage, routers, switches and more. 

The above mentioned customer data wiping requirements did not end there.  Once the drives were certifiably wiped, the drives were brought to Elarasys.  The majority of the drives were sold.  The revenue was shared.  A much better, more environmentally sound way to take care of drives no longer in operation.

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