Before Buying Used or Refurbished IT equipment, Ask These 6 Questions:

Maybe your budget has been slashed or possibly new projects were thrown in your lap necessitating that you look outside your traditional sources for additional hardware.

Before making any decisions, here are a few points to consider.  Saving money is important.  But if these and other key factors are not in place – STOP and rethink your move.

Who is selling the equipment?

Companies committed to this business have legitimate websites, established offices, inventories, and experienced technicians.  Documented references are available and should be reviewed.  Always verify your source.

What about warranty and maintenance eligibility?

Testing prior to shipment and validating that the product works is step one.  Unfortunately, the equipment may not function properly when you install it.  Will the seller provide support or replacement if required?  Look for a reseller that stands behind what they sell.

Will you be buying actual manufacturer hardware or a 3rd party option?

Make sure the equipment quoted is an authentic product from the manufacturer.  3rdparty hardware may be less expensive, but is typically NOT supported.  If the price quoted is overly attractive, check where it came from.

Inventory technical support and a commitment to quality

Many sellers on E-Bay and other sources do not have technicians testing and supporting their sales.  Having a problem after delivery?  These sellers will provide no help and hopefully you will get your money back.  What you’ve lost in time and aggravation usually far exceeds the expected savings.  Experienced technicians and valid warranties are critical.   Good technicians will always insure your equipment is AUTHENTIC.

Experience, track record and breadth of product offerings

Entering the computer hardware resale business has few, if any barriers.  Your best source of used or refurbished servers, storage, memory, as well as used routers and used switches, are businesses that are established with inventory and staff to answer your questions.  Don’t settle for a startup or someone working out of their home buying from other brokers.   Quick, reliable delivery and support of your purchase cannot be underestimated.

Will this company help me get rid of equipment no longer in operation?

Purchasing your used equipment or taking it in as trade is an important question.  Providing fair value, full audit services and documented handling of this hardware is an important offering of experienced and legitimate resellers of IT data center equipment.


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