L7 Autoloader with 1 DLT8000 Tape Drive and 7 Cartridges


Sun StorageTek L7 Autoloader - Tape autoloader - 280 GB / 560 GB - slots: 7 - DLT ( 40 GB / 80 GB ) - DLT8000 - SCSI HVD - external

The Sun StorEdge L7 tape autoloader is ideal for small design or engineering workgroups, remote offices, and departments within an enterprise - any environment in which local storage at low cost is needed. The Sun StorEdge L7 tape autoloader has a capacity of 280GB native with DLT8000 technology. Best of all, it helps deliver the simple, unattended backup your workgroups and departments need, with all the reliability you expect from Sun. The Sun StorEdge L7 tape autoloader is a cost-effective tape automation solution that offers maximum protection for critical applications running in your Sun workstation environment. From Sun Blade workstations through the Sun Fire 280R server, the Sun StorEdge L7 tape autoloader can help you maximize your investment with the right-sized data protection system that matches your local application requirements. The Sun StorEdge L7 tape autoloader is a desktop enclosure consisting of one DLT8000 tape drive, seven cartridge slots, and a robotic system. The Sun StorEdge L7 tape autoloader specializes in workgroup and departmental data storage as well as storage for remote offices. This autoloader can be used to back up small to medium-size databases, and workgroup, departmental, and remote office servers.

Data Transfer Rate (native)6 MBps ( 21.1 GBph )
Device TypeTape autoloader - DLT
Dimensions (WxDxH)9.5 in x 23.2 in x 7.5 in
Enclosure TypeExternal
Interface TypeSCSI HVD
OS RequiredSunSoft Solaris 7, SunSoft Solaris 8, SunSoft Solaris 9
PowerAC 100/240 V ( 50/60 Hz )
Product DescriptionSun StorageTek L7 Autoloader - tape autoloader - DLT - SCSI
Recording StandardDLT8000
Removable Media Capacity7
Storage RemovableDLT
Storage Removable Capacity40 GB (native) / 80 GB (compressed)
Supported Tape DrivesDLT
Total Storage Capacity280 GB (native) / 560 GB (compressed)
Weight26.5 lbs

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