Juniper Networks Encryption Services PIC - cryptographic accelerator

Model: PB-ES-800

Juniper Networks Encryption Services PIC - Cryptographic accelerator - plug-in module

Juniper Networks Encryption Services (ES) PIC integrates directly into M-series and T-series routers and provides IPSec encryption at rates exceeding 800 Mbps of throughput at full 3DES/SHA-1 strength. The performance is complemented by a rich set of IPSec features, whose packet processing tasks are easily handled by the ES PIC's onboard processor without affecting router-forwarding performance. This scalability combined with a rich feature set enables providers to offer a number of different services directly from their provider edge router obviating the need to deploy additional service creation devices. These services include secure access to MPLS VPNs, site-to-site managed IPSec VPNs, premium security of IPSec over MPLS VPNs, encrypted transit traffic across untrusted third-party wholesale networks, secure backhaul, and many other applications.

Device TypeCryptographic accelerator
Enclosure TypePlug-in module
Features56-bit encryption, routing, 168-bit encryption, VPN support, MPLS support, IPv6 support, High Availability
Network / Transport ProtocolIPSec
OS RequiredJUNOS
Performance3DES throughput : 800 Mbps
Product DescriptionJuniper Networks Encryption Services PIC - cryptographic accelerator

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