Juniper Networks Adaptive Services II PIC - cryptographic accelerator

Model: PB-AS2-FIPS

Juniper Networks Adaptive Services II PIC - Cryptographic accelerator - plug-in module

The Juniper Networks Adaptive Services II (AS II) PICs are modules that supply hardware acceleration for an array of packet processing intensive services in T-series and M-series routers. Today these services include stateful firewall, NAT, IPSec, cRTP, tunnel services, LNS (M7i only) and J-Flow accounting, with additional services being planned for future JUNOS releases. This wide array of services enables providers to secure their network infrastructure, to collect rich statistics for billing, capacity planning and security purposes, and to deliver new revenue-generating services all with a single module. The AS PIC II implements all services on the router itself, eliminating discrete devices and layers of network and management complexity, resulting in lower cost of ownership. The modules can provide hardware acceleration for any PIC present in the router chassis, so that providers can deliver consistent services across all interfaces. Packing all these services onto a single PIC enables providers to conserve FPC (Flexible PIC Concentrator) slots in their routers, reduce capital expenses, and dramatically simplify sparing. Multiple AS PICs can be deployed in one router, increasing performance incrementally and cost-effectively to meet growing demand. This product is FIPS compliant.

Device TypeCryptographic accelerator
Enclosure TypePlug-in module
FeaturesFlow control, firewall protection, NAT support, hardware encryption, VPN support, NAPT support, BOOTP support, ARP support, Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), DoS attack prevention, packet filtering
Network / Transport ProtocolTCP/IP, NetBEUI/NetBIOS, L2TP, ICMP/IP, IPSec
OS RequiredJUNOS
Product DescriptionJuniper Networks Adaptive Services II PIC - cryptographic accelerator
RAM Installed ( Max )512 MB
Remote Management ProtocolSNMP
VoIP ProtocolsH.323

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