JNI 6460 PCI 2Gb Host Adapter

Model: SG-FCE-6460N

JNI FibreStar FCE-6460 - Host bus adapter - PCI 64 - 2Gb Fibre Channel

The 2 Gb ready FiberStar FCE-6460 is the 2nd generation 2 Gb Fiber Channel host bus adapter from JNI Corporation. It offers the same reliability as the industry's first 2 Gb Fiber Channel HBA, the FCE-6420D. The 2 Gb Ready FCE-6460 features "on-demand" 1 or 2 Gb auto rate negotiation. This enables the 2 Gb Ready HBA to operate in 1 Gb or 2 Gb storage networks, or networks with a mix of 1 and 2 Gb devices. Automatic topology detection simplifies configuration for switched fabric, arbitrated loop or point-to-point environments. The 2 Gb Ready FCE-6460 has a peak performance throughput of 400 MB (full-duplex), and has a half-duplex throughput of ,200 MB. In addition, the FCE-6460 features hardware-assisted context switching that maximizes SAN data throughput and minimizes host CPU utilization, increasing overall SAN performance. The FCE-6460 offers several new features, including packet-by-packet support for concurrent IP/SCSI and FC-Tape protocols. IP protocols enable management utilities to utilize inband IP over the Fiber Channel SAN, while FC-Tape enables direct connection to Fiber Channel-based tape backup systems.

Data Link Protocol2Gb Fibre Channel
Data Transfer Rate2.12 Gbps
Device TypeHost bus adapter
Form FactorPlug-in card
Interface (Bus) TypePCI 64 / 66 MHz
PCI Specification RevisionPCI 2.2
Product DescriptionJNI FibreStar FCE-6460 - host bus adapter

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