Intel Xeon X7542 / 2.66 GHz processor

Model: J0RWT

Processor upgrade - 1 x Intel Xeon X7542 / 2.66 GHz - L3 18 MB

The Intel Xeon processor is the solution for specific communication applications that require the highest levels of processing performance - such as web-serving, storage (NAS, SAN), search engines, telecommunications servers, network management, security, voice, and load balancing. The Intel Xeon processor provides high memory bandwidth, high memory capacity, and high I/O bandwidth. It is ideal for delivering unparalleled price-performance, scalability and flexibility.

Cache MemoryL3 18 MB
Clock Speed2.66 GHz
Compatible Slots1 x processor
Processor Qty1
Processor TypeIntel Xeon X7542
Product DescriptionIntel Xeon X7542 / 2.66 GHz processor
Product TypeProcessor upgrade

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