IBM eServer xSeries 366 8863 - Xeon 3 GHz

Model: 88634RY

Powered by the IBM XA-64e third-generation Enterprise X-Architecture chipset, the IBM eServer xSeries 366 is your stateful transaction accelerator delivering exceptional 64-bit 4-socket performance on either 32-bit or 64-bit applications. The IBM eServer x366 is the first-to-market industry-standard x86 server powered by the latest 64-bit Intel Xeon MP processor delivering the reliability of the Intel Xeon processor architecture on a dual-core capable, 64-bit compatible application workhorse. More simply put, the x366 changes the game for 64-bit computing by delivering high performance and high availability on a mainstream, industry-standard x86 server platform. The x366 provides more computing power in a smaller form factor (3U) than many competitive models - giving organizations powerful commercial application-hosting capabilities in a compact design. It delivers up to 16 times the memory addressing and three times the CPU bus bandwidth compared to previous server designs. Using the IBM XA-64e chipset, this X3 system benefits from intelligent caching to reduce processor front-side bus traffic via integrated snoop filtering. The XA-64e speeds communications between the processors, main memory, and I/O, helping the x366 power commercial IT applications.

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