IBM eServer OpenPower 710 9123 - POWER5 1.65 GHz

Model: 91231B1

IBM eServer OpenPower 710 9123 - Server - rack-mountable - 2U - 2-way - 2 x POWER5 1.65 GHz - RAM 2 GB - SCSI - hot-swap 3.5" - HDD 1 x 73.4 GB - DVD - Gigabit Ethernet - Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3 for IBM POWER - Monitor : none

Built on a mainframe-inspired technology and tuned for the Linux environment, IBM eServer OpenPower systems meet the requirements of clients by delivering the performance, reliability, availability and compute power they expect from larger systems - at affordable price-points. This competitively priced IBM 64-bit IBM POWER5 processor-based server is designed for a flexible, open Linux architecture to help simplify today's complex IT environments. The IBM eServer OpenPower 710 is a powerful rack-mount 1- or 2-way system that delivers the expandability and availability required for constrained data centers. The OpenPower 710 systems' raw computing power positions it well for high-performance engineering and scientific workloads. Its system-level expandability and availability suits edge of network, general infrastructure, Web content serving and application hosting services applications.

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