IBM BladeCenter HT DC Power Supply Module 3160w

Model: 42C5279

IBM - Power supply - hot-plug ( plug-in module )

This power supply option contains two hot-swap -48V to -60V power supplies to provide both power and redundancy to your IBM BladeCenter HT. Two hot-swap, redundant power modules are standard and support the population of BladeCenter HT blade bays 1 through 6 and I/O Module bays 1 through 4. This Power Supply Module option is required to support installation of blade servers in BladeCenter HT blade bays 7 through 12 and I/O Module bays 7 through 10. BladeCenter HT customers must use power supplies of identical wattages to provide power redundancy and should not mix power supplies of different wattages.

Device TypePower supply - hot-plug - plug-in module
Power RedundancyYes
Product DescriptionIBM power supply - hot-plug

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