IBM 320 GB High IOPS MS Class SSD PCIe Adapter

Model: 46M0898

IBM High IOPS MS Class SSD PCIe Adapter - Solid state drive - 320 GB - internal - PCI Express x4

This SSD-based high-performance server-class storage adapter can provide the performance required for extensive computations while utilizing a reduced storage footprint. IBM High IOPS MS Class SSD PCIe Adapter comes with all the benefits of standard storage in addition to enterprise-class high performance of up to 100,000 sustained IOPS. These adapters are designed primarily for performance-hungry high-performance servers and computing appliances while providing the added benefits of lower power, cooling, and management overhead with a smaller storage footprint. Based on standard PCIe architecture coupled with silicon-based NAND clustering storage technology, High IOPS SSD PCIe Adapters are optimized for System x towers, racks, and blades. This adapter uses NAND Flash Memory as the basic building block of solid state storage, contain no moving parts, and do not have the issues associated with vibration, noise, and mechanical failure. The adapters are built as a block devices on a PCIe bus with advanced wear-leveling, 11-bit ECC, and N+1 chip-level redundancy, providing unparalleled reliability and efficiency.

Capacity320 GB
Dimensions (WxDxH)0.3 in x 0.7 in x 0.1 in
Interface TypePCI Express x4
OS RequiredRed Hat Linux, SuSe Linux, Microsoft Windows 2003
Product DescriptionIBM High IOPS MS Class SSD PCIe Adapter - solid state drive - 320 GB - PCI Express x4
TypeSolid state drive - internal
Weight4.9 oz

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