HP SureStore Disk System 2100 - storage enclosure

Model: A5676A#ABA

Every day you need more from your storage. More space. More performance. More control. More flexibility. More value for your money. And you're supposed to put it in less and less space, with fewer and fewer hassles, occupying less and less of your time. HP created the SureStore Disk System 2100 for you. It packs the biggest, fastest, easiest, worry-free storage into the smallest, most flexible, most upgradeable set-it-and-forget-it package you've ever seen. The HP Disk System 2100 is more and less of exactly what you need: It's Big with 144 GB of storage. It's small with only 1U of rack space. It's fast - 160 Mbps with built-in Ultra3. It's compatible - works with any SCSI server or workstation. And it's built with HP's legendary commitment to dependable products and service.

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