HP - storage enclosure

Model: 304114-B32

HP - Storage enclosure - 12 bays

Compaq offers an external storage system delivering enhanced availability and serviceability features with Wide-Ultra SCSI-3 data transfer rates outside the server. Distributes drives on two independent SCSI Busses supporting up to twelve 1" high or eight 1.6" high hot-pluggable Wide-Ultra SCSI-3 hard drives (also supports Fast-Wide SCSI-2 or Fast SCSI-2). Dual bus models support up to 145.6 GB of storage, using 18.2 GB disk drives, on two SCSI buses. Hot Pluggable technology is used for drives, power supplies and fans. Hot Pluggable components can be replaced without powering down the storage system. This feature significantly enhances storage system availability. Storage system units include hot-pluggable, redundant cooling fans and support for an optional redundant, hot-pluggable power supply. SCSI ID is automatically set when a drive is inserted into a drive bay. Front panel LEDs indicate drive activity, when a drive requires service, and when power is on or offgiving a quick visual assessment of overall system storage status. LED status and fault indicators for the fans and power supplies are located in the back of the enclosure.

Device TypeStorage enclosure
Dimensions (WxDxH)10.9 in x 25 in x 20.5 in
Installed Devices / Modules Qty0 (installed) / 12 (max)
PowerAC 110/220 V � 10% ( 50/60 Hz )
Product DescriptionHP - storage enclosure
Weight50 lbs

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