HP ProLiant BL20p G2 - Xeon 2.8 GHz

Model: 300877-B21

HP offers the industry's broadest portfolio of blade servers and technologies optimized to address customers' needs. The new ProLiant BL20p G2 is a performance dual-processor server blade engineered for the enterprise. The ProLiant BL20p G2 delivers high-performance Intel Xeon processors, SAN storage capability, DDR memory and gigabit NICs standard. The new ProLiant BL20p G2 fits into the same server blade enclosure as the ProLiant BL20p and the new ProLiant BL40p and shares the same power. The ProLiant BL20p G2 is a perfect solution for multi-server applications such as dynamic web hosting, application server, terminal server farm and media streaming. It delivers performance for enterprise mid-tier applications with Xeon processors, high-performance drives and memory. High availability features such as redundant power, hot-plug drives and redundant SAN connectivity ensure applications stay running. The ProLiant BL20p G2 scales quickly and easily, as application usage needs change.

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