HP mx2 Dual processor module 1.1Ghz

Model: A9767A

Processor board - 2 / 2 x Intel Itanium 2 - L3 4 MB

HP's new innovation with the mx2 dual processor module extends the performance, flexibility and investment protection of Integrity servers. With the introduction of the HP mx2 dual processor module with two Intel Itanium 2 processors, HP has doubled the capacity of the Integrity servers. HP Integrity servers combined with the new mx2 dual processor module and HP services creates the ideal solution for IT consolidation. By doubling the number of processors, HP is able to offer a greater reduction in the number of servers. This results in direct cost savings thru lower power, cooling, floor space and management costs. In addition, by consolidating on Integrity servers, customers benefit from enhanced flexibility and have the ability to deploy additional capacity for future growth. Also, organizations can potentially take advantage of unutilized IT capacity for powering additional applications using other operating environments.

Cache MemoryL2 - 256 KB - L3 4 MB
Compatible Slots1 x processor board
L4 Cache32 MB
Processor Qty2
Processor TypeIntel Itanium 2
Product DescriptionIntel Itanium 2 processor board
Product TypeProcessor board

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