HP AutoRAID Disk Array 12H - storage enclosure

Model: A3700AZ#203

The HP AutoRAID Disk Array Model 12H combines hassle-free storage management with best-in-class performance, producing a cost-effective storage solution for the enterprise. A remarkable combination of automatic self-optimization and high availability features make the HP AutoRAID Disk Array a strong choice for operations that require leading performance for I/O-intensive application workloads such as online transaction processing (OLTP), NFS, and Web servers. It's also a good fit for remote sites and IT operations that require high-availability storage but have limited system administration resources, and for sites with a need to reduce storage management costs. The Model 12H is the ideal path to investment protection, too. It packs up to 1.3 terabytes and it's bolstered with features for availability, reliability, and operational support. With its ease of configuration and upgrades, it lets you make a minimal investment now, then add capacity quickly and effortlessly as your business needs grow.

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