Foundry Xenpak XENPAK transceiver module

Model: 10G-XNPK-CX4

Foundry Xenpak - XENPAK transceiver module - 10GBase-CX4 - plug-in module

In data center and high performance computing applications such as inter-switch links or server to switch links, the use of high performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber transceivers is overkill and an unneeded cost. The 10Gbase-CX4 XENPAK transceiver allows for transmitting 10 Gigabit Ethernet over copper cabling for distances of up to 15m, dramatically lowering the media cost without impacting performance.

Cabling Type10GBase-CX4
Data Link Protocol10 Gigabit Ethernet
Data Transfer Rate10 Gbps
Device TypeXENPAK transceiver module
Enclosure TypePlug-in module
Product DescriptionFoundry Xenpak XENPAK transceiver module

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