Foundry ServerIron XL - switch - managed - 8 ports

Model: FBSLB8

Foundry ServerIron XL - Switch - Layer 4 - managed - 8 ports - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet - 10Base-T, 100Base-TX - external

Foundry Networks' ServerIron Family of Internet web switches provides high performance, Layer 2 through 7 switching enabling network managers to control and manage today's exploding web transaction, web application and eCommerce traffic flows. Internet IronWare - Foundry Networks' unique software suite of Internet traffic management capabilities, powers the ServerIron web switches to direct requests to the right server and application based on the information that resides beyond the traditional Layer 2 and 3 packet headers. ServerIron eases escalating Internet traffic overload, reduces the burden of server farm management, and allows the entire web facility to scale to its fullest potential. Built on Foundry Networks' IronCore ASIC designs and switch-based platforms, ServerIron enables Internet traffic switching based on Layer 2 through Layer 7 definitions. ServerIron delivers industry leading performance for Internet traffic management functions including local and global server load balancing, firewall load balancing, transparent cache switching, application redirection, packet filtering and prioritization, and support for content-intelligent switching such as cookie-, URL-, and SSL Session ID-based redirection and load balancing. Furthermore, ServerIron provides the foundation for high service availability, disaster recovery, location and server transparency, backbone cost control, and a consistent user experience.

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