FDDI/S Single-Attach SBus (SAS) 5.0/6.0

Model: 370-3142

SunFDDI - Network adapter - SBus - FDDI SAS - fiber optic

FDDI was designed to be fast and reliable. Based on the same token passing technique as token ring, FDDI adds timing devices that allow data to be transmitted at much higher speeds. Its 100 Mbps bandwidth is 10 times greater than that of Ethernet. The extra speed allows FDDI to transmit more data per unit of time. In addition, FDDI permits a large number of devices to exploit the extra transmission speed. It supports multiple tokens, which means that many different packets of data can be transmitted over the LAN simultaneously.

Cabling TypeFiber optic
Data Link ProtocolFDDI SAS
Data Transfer Rate100 Mbps
Device TypeNetwork adapter
Form FactorPlug-in card
Interface (Bus) TypeSBus
Product DescriptionSunFDDI network adapter
System RequirementsSunSoft Solaris 2.3

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