Extreme Networks GBIC transceiver module

Model: 10019

Extreme Networks - GBIC transceiver module - 1000Base-LX - plug-in module

Extreme Networks is committed to delivering switched broadband networks that adapt swiftly to change and empower the delivery of future applications for service provider data centers, metropolitan area networks, Web content provider networks, co-location and hosting facilities, multi-tenant cyber buildings, e-commerce businesses and big enterprises. Extreme leverages Ethernet and the Internet protocol - today's most dominant and stable network technologies - and combines them with non-blocking wire-speed switching and policy-based Quality of Service to manage bandwidth and prioritize traffic. This enables broadband networks to deliver more information faster, while allowing businesses to accommodate future growth. Extreme Networks provides a wide variety of excellent network adapters and modules to meet all demands of the customers. Extreme Networks offers this Gigabit Ethernet GBIC card, which supports fiber length up to 100 km.

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