Emulex LightPulse LP9802DC-E - host bus adapter - 2 ports

Model: LP9802DC-E

Emulex LightPulse LP9802DC-E - Host bus adapter - PCI-X - Fibre Channel - 2 ports

The LP9802DC Dual Channel PCI-X host bus adapter offers two independent 2Gb/s Fiber Channel HBA interfaces in a single PCI-X slot. It delivers exceptional performance through the use of two Emulex Pegasus ASICs, two 266MIPS onboard processors and high speed memory. The LP9802DC features automatic speed negotiation, which allows complete compatibility with existing 1Gb/s Fiber Channel SANs, while allowing seamless upgrades to higher speed 2Gb/s SANs. The LP9802DC provides the functionality of two of Emulex's high performance PCI-X 133 MHz HBAs integrated onto one board, which provides bus compatibility with PCI-X or PCI 2.2 based systems. This provides the flexibility and broad interoperability needed for complex, highly scalable SANs. The LP9802DC provides a combination of features, including switched fabric support using F Port and FL Port connections, full-duplex data transfers, high data integrity features, support for all Fiber Channel topologies, and support for service classes and, in a dual channel HBA. The LP9802DC also features sophisticated hardware that provides superior performance in SANs, delivering low latency and high throughput in switched fabric, arbitrated loop and clustered environments. Support for fiber optic cabling is provided through an embedded small form factor (LC) optical interface.

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