DLT[tm] 7000 Differential SCSI 8MB Internal Cache

Model: 370-3332

Sun StorEdge DLT7000 - Tape library drive module - DLT ( 35 GB / 70 GB ) - DLT7000 - SCSI HVD - internal

The Sun StorEdge DLT7000 half-inch cartridge streaming tape drives perform fast and reliable data backup on Sun's workstations and servers. With native storage capacities of 35 gigabytes, DLT offers the largest capacity per tape available to Sun customers. With an average transfer rate of 5.0 megabytes/second for the DLT7000, it also provides great performance. A 35-gigabyte backup can thus be performed with one DLT 7000 drive on a single tape in less than 2 hours. File access performance is increased thanks to a sophisticated tape mark directory on each tape, which makes restoring data an easy and quick task. The DLT7000 meets Sun's stringent quality standards. Coupled with superior error-detection and correction, the drives ensure reliable operation. The Sun StorEdge DLT7000 is the ideal backup tape device for Sun's complete line of Ultra workstations and servers.

Data Transfer Rate (native)5 MBps ( 17.6 GBph )
Device TypeTape library drive module - DLT
Enclosure TypeInternal
Interface TypeSCSI HVD
OS RequiredSunSoft Solaris 2.5 or later
Product DescriptionSun StorEdge DLT7000 tape library drive module - DLT - SCSI
Recording StandardDLT7000
Storage RemovableDLT
Storage Removable Capacity35 GB (native) / 70 GB (compressed)

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