DLT8000 High Voltage Differential (HVD) Tape Drive


Sun - Tape library drive module - DLT ( 40 GB / 80 GB ) - DLT8000 HVD - internal

While enterprises are growing, so does the need for storage. And as on-line disk storage grows, so does the need for high-capacity backup. At the same time, the "backup window" has been reduced to a few hours, and sometimes it is even concurrent with the processing of data. High-performance and high-capacity tape devices are now a must. Once the data is backed-up, enterprises need a way to recover or restore this data with a very high reliability factor. Good disaster-recovery solutions are what will bring the company back up and running very quickly. Digital Linear Tape (DLT) technology provides an ideal solution for high-capacity and high-performance backup and restore with exceptional data integrity, all at an affordable price.

Data Transfer Rate (native)6 MBps ( 21.1 GBph )
Device TypeTape library drive module - DLT
Enclosure TypeInternal
Interface TypeHVD
Product DescriptionSun tape library drive module - DLT
Recording StandardDLT8000
Storage RemovableDLT
Storage Removable Capacity40 GB (native) / 80 GB (compressed)

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