Dell SAS 5/i - storage controller - SAS - PCI Express x8

Model: UP620

Dell SAS 5/i - Storage controller - SAS - 300 MBps - PCI Express x8

The SAS 5/i Integrated Controller from Dell is a 4-port SAS/SATA controller capable of 3.0 and 1.5Gbps SAS/SATA link rates. The SAS 5/i controller employs an ARM966 processor to meet the data transfer flexibility requirements of the host interface PCI-X specification. It also employs the Fusion-MPT (Message Passing Technology) architecture, which features a performance based message passing protocol that off-loads the host CPU by completely managing all I/O and minimizes system bus overhead by coalescing interrupts. It incorporates a 1MB flash memory that stores the firmware image, key configuration data and, limited error logging information. The SAS 5/i supports a 32-bit external memory bus. The external memory controller block provides an interface for flash ROM and NVSRAM devices.

Controller Interface TypeSerial Attached SCSI
Data Transfer Rate300 MBps
Device TypeStorage controller - plug-in card
Interface TypePCI Express x8
Product DescriptionDell SAS 5/i - storage controller - SAS - PCI Express x8
Supported DevicesHard drive

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