Dell Optiplex 390

Model: Dell Optiplex 390

Dell Optiplex 390

Processor: Intel i5-2400

  • This is a second-gen i5 processor (circa 2011)
  • Clock speed is 3.10GHz
  • It is quad-core

Memory: 8GB DDR3 (2x 8GB DIMMs)

Drive: 120GB SATA SSD (Micron)

Operating System: Windows 10 Professional (64-bit)

Graphical Outputs: 1x VGA, 1x HDMI

USB Ports: 2x front, 6x rear (all USB 2.0)

Network: 1x Gigabit ethernet (onboard)

Other ports: front and rear 3.5mm speaker/headphone and mic audio jacks

Physical Dimensions: 4” wide X 14.5” tall x 17” deep (like most desktops from major manufacturers, can also be oriented horizontally, in which case, swap the width and height numbers)

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