Compact PCI (cPCI) Gigabit Ethernet

Model: 501-5523

Designed specifically for installation in Sun Fire servers with available CompactPCI slots, the Sun Gigabit Ethernet 3U CompactPCI adapter provides a full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet connection on an IEEE-compliant 3U Eurocard form factor. The Gigabit Ethernet interface provides unparalleled server throughput that helps reduce administrative complexity by replacing multiple slower interface cards with a single Gigabit adapter. The card's hot-swap support reduces downtime by allowing administrators to insert, remove, and upgrade cards while the system is operating. Combine all that with dynamic reconfiguration, redundancy, and failover support, and you have an ideal high-bandwidth connectivity solution for the most demanding computing environments. The Sun Gigabit Ethernet 3U CompactPCI adapter provides ten times the bandwidth of Fast Ethernet adapters, making it suitable for a wide variety of demanding, high-bandwidth applications, including real-time machine control, industrial automation, military deployments, and telecommunications applications.

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