Cisco Wireless Mobile Interface Card - network adapter

Model: C3202WMIC-TPA49K9=

Cisco Wireless Mobile Interface Card - Network adapter

The Cisco 3200 Series, with integrated 802.11b/g and 4.9 GHz WMICs, is a primary building block of Cisco Metro Mobile Network solutions, optimized for a citywide scalable, manageable, and secure broadband wireless network. The Cisco 3200 Series in a Cisco Metro Mobile Network solution offers the benefits of a combined Layer 2 and Layer 3 (routing) architecture. With multiple integrated radios (up to five), it supports a meshed topology and eliminates the need for wired WAN backhaul links at every location. As an end-to-end solution, the Cisco 3200 Series creates a broadband wireless infrastructure for public safety personnel. When deployed in vehicles, the Cisco 3200 series creates a vehicle hotspot where multiple devices in and around the vehicle can be connected to the main network as the vehicle roams between wireless WAN networks. Standards-based Mobile IP is used for seamless roaming across the different types of wireless networks and technologies.

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